The Summer Prints- Bambino Mio

When the sun is shining I cant help but put Oakley in our most colourful, bright and playful nappies! Using cloth nappies has many benefits but I can say that for me that the prints are a big advantage! I love being able to put Oakley in soft fluffy cloth nappies and enjoy the gorgeous prints at the same time. Happy toddler, happy mummy! 

Bambino Mio are hands down my favourite brand of cloth nappies! They were the first cloth nappy we tried and I fell in love and have brought many more since.

Bambino Mio All in ones are the perfect cloth nappy for our family. They are all in one, no hunting for boosters and inserts, birth to potty so will last you your entire cloth nappy journey, fast drying and the pull out tab system is super handy for washing! Velcro style fastenings make them the closest to disposable nappies, ideal for when its grandparents (or anyone who isn’t familiar with cloth!) turn to change baby.

They are award winning, affordable, good quality, easy to use, all in one reusable nappies.

Here are some of my favourite prints for the spring/summer months;


The Bumble print nappy is perfect for summer with its playful blue and geometric print, and the bees are so cute! We have two of these nappies and we also have a wet bag with this print too. I’m obsessed! I think the Pandamonium print is adorable with the tiny pandas over the nappy, holding on to bamboo shoots, so cute! And lastly it wouldn’t be an English summer without a Rainy Days print.

Adventures with us, shared with you.




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