The Best Bath Products

We have always loved bath time in this house! Oakley was 2 weeks old when he had his first bath, he absolutely adored it, and ever since then bath time has been a massively important part of our everyday routine!

Here are some of our must haves for bath time;


I have never been keen of the idea of bath products for babies that you can pick up in your local supermarket, or high street store, as I always found they had a lot of unnecessary ingredients. So when I found Childs Farm bath products I was over the moon. We also love Burts Bees and Earth Friendly Baby, however I found these to be quite expensive and not as widely available in my area.

Childs Farm products are full of essential oils that smell amazing, natural detergents, natural moisturisers which keep Oakleys skin so soft, and natural preservatives.

Award winning, Dermatologically approved,  dermatologically tested, clinically tested, suitable for eczema-prone skin, paediatrician approved, suitable for newborns, not tested on animals, and the majority of their products (that don’t contain honey!) are suitable for vegans, AMAZING! What else could you want for your precious babies bath time. I can 100% recommend these products and I enjoy using them at every bath time!

We also love LUSH for Oakley too, especially these “ickle baby bot“, they smell delicious and Mr O enjoys watching them bubble in his bath making bath time that extra bit fun. This tiny robot bath bomb is full with gentle lavender, designed to help relax children before bedtime, and to look after young children’s delicate skin! It is so gentle it’s suitable for babies over six months.

His ultra soft and cosy dressing gown is from My 1st Years, I wish these came in adult sizes because they are awesome. Look at those bear ears, adorable!

These are all of our favourite bath products for Oakley. Products that i’m sure we will continue to purchase and enjoy during our bath time!

Adventures with us, shared with you. 




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