The Changing Bag

Since becoming a Mummy, I have realised just how important it is to have a good quality, well organised changing bag! Being organised makes trips out so much easier, and with my anxiety and OCD this bag is always fully stocked and organised, just the way I like it. 

Here is the bag and what I keep inside;


This Skip Hop changing bag is amazing! We chose this bag in particular to match our Bugaboo Buffalo fabric, and we were kindly gifted it as a Christmas present shortly before Oakley was born. I cannot recommend this changing bag enough, it has 11 compartments (perfect for those OCD mummies!) and also includes patented Shuttle Clips, allowing it to be able to be easily converted to an over the shoulder bag or attached to the pram. It also comes with a separate zip compartment, ideal for mum and dad items, a key fob to attach keys to and a cushioned changing pad.


The most important items in our changing back is Oakleys snacks! He is a very hungry toddler: he has 3 meals a day and 2 bottles and usually 2 or 3 (sometimes more!) lots of snacks. It’s not worth leaving the house without snacks for him, unless I want tantrum after tantrum! These are some of our go-to snacks and food essentials to take out with us.

We absolutely love the Kiddylious range of snacks, they are award winning, brilliant for children with special dietary needs, relatively mess free and they taste amazing!
Cutlery and a bib are a must have, there’s nothing worse than having an unplanned meal out and letting your toddler use adult size spoons and forks! The Munchkin 360 Cup is brilliant and is always with us.


The changing/nappy products that we keep in the changing bag very rarely change. These our staples and have been for a while now. We use cloth nappies both at home and out and about, so a fresh cloth nappy (or 2!) is always in the bag, this is a Bambino Mio All-In-One in Bumble, and the matching wet bag!

We also use Cheeky Wipes instead of disposable baby wipes, the fresh wipes out and about bag is perfect for keeping them fresh and separate. In case of emergencies I always pack some of these amazing Mio Wipes, they are natural, biodegradable and flushable, free from alcohol, chlorine and all the nasties that are in regular wipes, they are enriched with chamomile and aloe vera to soothe and protect baby’s delicate skin and are lightly scented with natural rose and geranium essential oils, so they smell beautiful! 

I keep a few “nappy products” in the bag and although I very rarely use them, its always nice to have them.. just in case!  Hand sanitiser is a must. 


Some very boring, but very essential items here. These are the items I probably don’t need or use as often as everything else.. but being the anxious Mummy I am, I know that I will take them out of the bag and then I’ll suddenly need them! Spare dummies, Oakleys ‘red book’, a spare outfit, and a book (for those bored toddler moments!) 


Mummy essentials. A diary, my purse, 5 different lip products (why?!) hand cream, headphones, face powder and brush, keys, sunglasses, concealer, deodorant, mints, Gaviscon and Rescue Remedy (for those anxious moments!) 


Lastly, the mother and toddler ‘health’ items. I always have antibacterial wipes for surfaces, wipes for hands and wipes for dummies and baby items (did I mention OCD?)

I have the usual Calpol, thermometer, sun cream and teething products! 

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That’s everything that I keep in my Skip Hop changing bag!

Adventures with us, shared with you! 




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