If you haven’t already heard about this amazing group (highly unlikely), i’m here to fill you in on my favourite group, and everything you need to know..

GIRLSMOUTH is an invite only facebook group for girls aged 16 and over. Originally started as a small group, set up by creator Chloe Todd, now has an amazing 62,000 members and is growing everday! With members worldwide coming together to help each other, give advice, have a good laugh, gossip or even cry, GIRLSMOUTH is one giant family. This the perfect group for girls looking for advice on outfits, makeup, relationships, or simply open up about something you feel you can’t talk to anyone else about. Set up for girls to “have fun, moan about whatever they want, there is NEVER too much information”. 

Along with the group, which is ran by Chloe herself, and her beloved admins, Holly, Chelsea, Georgia, Jess and Megan, GIRLSMOUTH also have a facebook page, Instagram and a brand new website!


Being a Mum, and suffering from anxiety and depression, I love being a member of GIRLSMOUTH, I have never felt so comfortable to talk about my emotions and troubles of day to day life! Whenever i’m feeling lonely, I know that my 62,000 friends are always there. I never thought I would enjoy a group so much, no matter what time or day there is always someone there to give advice or say hello! 

If you are looking for somewhere to meet new friends, express yourself and ask for advice, then GIRLSMOUTH is the place to be!

Adventures with us, shared with you!



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